What can you expect from Halls Decorating?

There are lots of painters out there to choose from, it’s like a minefield!. So I decided to do an article on what we do for our customers.

Prep work is key. One of the first things I learned in this trade was “if you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail!” 

We use dustless orbital sanding systems on nearly all surfaces. 

Prep work doesn’t just mean sanding. We spend time wrapping kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, etc, to ensure all surfaces are completely protected.  

We use the appropriate flooring protection throughout your home to shield carpets / hard floors and we use masking tape on the edges of carpets, sockets, windows and light switches.

Choosing materials isn’t as simple as driving to a hardware store and loading a trolley with anything! Hoping (on chance) that those products will give you a good finish. Will they get you  durability and longevity? Can the area you’ve applied those products be touched up without showing from across the room? We do not live in a perfect world and I can bank on your pet or one of the kids damaging the paintwork so for that reason it’s important to get it right.

This is when our knowledge really benefits the customer! 

We use the same materials on almost every job, I even use them in my own home! 

This isn’t just paint. This is filler, tape, caulk etc. You may wonder why? Because it works! 

I have tried and tested more than you could imagine and I’m always on the lookout for a better product. We have a brilliant system in place and this is how we achieve great results. 

I will never be able to understand how someone can offer a paint job without being fully aware and confident of the products they are using, it’s a stab in the dark.

Now your home is all protected from paint & dust and the materials have been sourced – it’s time for paint application!

This is how we differ even more from other companies. We choose to SPRAY  the majority of our work!

Here are some of the benefits of spraying:

  • We use water based systems. This is non-yellowing and quick drying. 
  • No brushstrokes 
  • No contamination (stray brush hairs or fluff)
  • More efficient 
  • CHEAPER! That’s right, we can restore kitchen units, furniture, staircases and doors etc for a fraction of the cost of buying new

For all of the above to go as smoothly as possible, it comes down to teamwork. If there is 100 man hours on your project and only one pair of hands, that is a lengthy amount of work for one person and this leads to burn out. Take on board that the same person is probably working on an evening doing estimates and paperwork etc. This can and often does result in the job suffering.

I have 3 employees at Halls Decorating who are trustworthy, hardworking individuals. We all work together to ensure that we offer the best possible service. If one employee is lacking in productivity, it has a knock on effect with the rest of the team – which is why I have chosen employees with the same kind of drive and work ethic as myself – “teamwork makes the dream work” as they say. 

We all thrive on working to achieve the best possible finish, getting stuck in to a project and completely transforming a property, receiving excellent reviews from customers and working with the most modern, effective tools & equipment. 

This is what you can expect when using our services.